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Nepal 1 is not paying its Employees May 5, 2007

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nepal1samachar.jpgThere are more than 7 television channel in Nepal Amoung them some are running and some are just showing there logo like Sagarmata tv, A tv and near future there will be Everest tv. some tv channel are board casting from India like channel if India Nepal1 in this channel many share holder from India and paid tax to Indian government and make Nepali journalist on risk, few day ago the journalist and, other employees of new Delhi based nepal1 television were submitted a memorandum to the Indian embassy in Kathmandu and Prime minister Girija parsad koirala seeking the Government attention as there demand had going  ahead

. they said that the management of the channel showed indifference towards there demands and ignore Nepali lows , but pm of Nepal doesn’t take any kinds of action to Nepal 1 and later they meet two minister ram Chandra paudel and and communication minister Krishna bahadur mahara and they two promise to take action to Nepal 1 about the right of journalist the journalist also appeal to cable to stop boardcasting Nepal until there demand fulfill. About this matter kantipurtv showing attention and publicizing the news about the nepal1 but the Kathmandu post of April 28 and may 5 have miss 5 points.

I hear news that ktv also showing power towards there staff. Government of nepal should impose tax to nepal1, paying tax to Indian Government and showing power to Nepali journalist is that good?


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