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Royale family didnt pay tax May 5, 2007

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After the restore of parliament, king and his loyal are powerless. at the time when they were in Government they misuse great amount of national income and don’t paid any kind of tax to government.

Now Maoist also included in new government and economy of Nepal is improving day by day and peoples have new hope but the Royal family were not obeying the rule and regulations of government, they didn’t paid over the 33 million to electricity authority till one and half year.This make the royals defaulters in electricity bills, according to he daily newspaper unpaid bills of nine residences of The Royal family and royal relatives in Kathmandu. All of them stop paying bills after the new govermant form,this figure don’t includes outside the Kathmandu such as ratna mandir ,diyalo bangalow and many more.The defaultenepali-enemy.jpgrs like Gyanendra his aunt Helen, Dhirendras daughter Pooja Helens daughter Jyoti Basnet many more which name is not mentioned in the list.after the great success of April movement last year[ AEP] sending bills but no one respond.

Due to this types of unpaid bills we Nepali suffering more amount in unite and facing load shedding, if new government do not take this seriously than NEA have to suffer great loss due to the discounting the power supply. The list of unpaid bills pf palace.

  • Narayanhiti palace: 24.3 million
  • Nagajun palace :2.4million
  • Nirmal Niwas :2.3 million
  • chhavin bungalow: 1.5 million
  • Helen shah residen :55100
  • pooja shah resident : 50500.

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