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Dont Break unity May 6, 2007

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signing_neapal_peace_accord_01.jpgAfter the 12 point agreement reaches between CPN_ Maoist and 7 party alliance last year than the Royal Government become a weak and want to break 8 party unity but cannot success. so That the people movement success ,Thrown king to his palace and face of Nepali change when people’s army gone to cantonment, peace agreement sign by Maoist and prime minister say end of war which is lead by Maoist and agree to build new Nepal but now 8 party unity going to break due to many reason, some leader say P.M koirala didn’t wants to declare Republic Nepal whereas some says Maoist don’t wants peace in Nepal.due to there fight the date of C.A polls not fixed.

the 8 party unity is the power of the people and it should not break to build News Nepal and replace king from Nepal. the unity is important for holding constitution assembly election on time.if political parties do not take this great opportunities seriously than Nepali never believe there work. they got chance to lead toward new Nepal.

the New Nepal will b e at that time when royal palace will declared as a president house.


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