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Win Nepali Hearts May 6, 2007

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cpc_0011.gif According to the daily newpaper, The newly created Maoist strong body young communist league YCL taken low into there hand and show there power,some where they engaged in social works , some places they destroy the statute of late king and,they set fire to the government offices like land revenue and Nepal electricity authority offices at the Birdaya they call band and force to remove the SPA force from there and demanded to set there own office they showing there power and beat up NEA ,Transport staffes if SPA force replace from there than many smuggler and illegal works take place.

Some Place they are doing social works and some they are destroying the National property’s .This YCl have to understand that this is the Nepal and they have to obey the lows of country and have to do what peoples want but they are not giving there attention toward that cases just showing there power.

if the Maoist not take this issue seriously than the Nepali thingking will be change than they will compare Maoist with others party and YCl have to be in right track, so that the CA polls will be conduct on time, if they do what ever thay like than no CA polls,No New Nepal.


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