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Chakre Milan vs Deepak Manange May 7, 2007

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The top Gang ster Chakre Milan arrested by police in kathmandu with the involving in shotting incidents that took place in the capital. Police arrested gurang on his residence at maharajgunj in evening.The milian brother and his friends shot to Yadav Dongol in basundhara at evening, They attack with khukaris on Yadav legs and Dongol is injure and undergoing treatment in TU teaching Hospital.

The Dongol also works under the milan group few months ago, He act as a right hand of Milan. The Milan group attack him when he dont’s paid the commission which they earn from different sources.There is Great fight between Milan Groups and Rival gang which led by Deepak Manange. when Deepak group get Milan group than they cut there hand make serious injured,sometime Milan group win and some time Deepak. They both group arrested by Maoist last year they commitment there released later.They have more than 100 cases in police office of capital.


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