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November Is The Best May 7, 2007

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The New Government postponed date of Constituent Assembly election[CA] two time. This make the Nepali people very nervous, and they think to say that the Nepali Leader are saving King or not? if not than why Thay dont’s fixed the actual date of CA polls .The election commission EC has suggested to the Government that if Government is ready to hold the CA polls in November 3 week [ just after the Dashain and Tihar ] than EC is ready.

When they meet with Prime Minister Girija parsad Koirala at his official and said to fixed the CA polls on November or there options mid October- October last week so, that we can prepare to conducts, but the Government is not Publicing there views. if Government will not announce the date of CA polls than the negative thinking of Nepali peoples will increases. So if they fix the date that will be great to Nepali and say November is the best for Nepali because there demands will be fulfills at that month.


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