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8 parties conflict about Monarchy May 14, 2007

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After the surrender of king Gynendra from his autocratic roles last year than New government began to reducers  the  power and facilities of Royal family and treated as general public and planning to replaced from Nepal.But there is conflict  between 8 parties  about the Monarchy, Some party says that monarchy should be finalized from CA polls and CPN-Maoist says Monarchy should be ends  through the parliament Due to there conflict  about the  Monarchy The king and his servants are planning to saved his organization from New Nepal.

Due to the conflict between party the main agenda like nationalizing the property of thelarge_260814.jpg king,condition of disappeared persons and the remarks of April movement etc.This makes the dreamed of martyrs unfulfilled.

The Government should mentioned  the strong security situation and stability in Terai and should conduct the CA polls ”a free and fair”.The top parties should take the fixed decisoin of monarchy  in time to fulfilled the public dream and to restored the real peace in Nepal.


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