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Aishwarya’s wounderful honeymoon May 20, 2007

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After the Marriage betweenpop_up_aishwarya_bangladesh.jpg Bollywood top actress aishwarya Rai and actor abhishek bachachan then environment of Bollywood change with the new hopes. 2 years ago abhishek fixed to marry with karishma kapoor but late they become a main enemy. She marry with top businessman in India but late she break relation with him and love affairs of Aishwarya with Bivak this news become a hot news of the Bollywood last year.

Now Aishwarya Bachchan and Abhishek are in honeymoon they having a wonderful life according to online news Aishwarya said ‘ i ma feeling wonderful after my marry with him i ma very happy by the helps of god everything is nice and blessing wonderful Bachchan family life she describe her husband as fantastic and superlative.

After the miss world she still most beautiful women in India she is beautiful not only by her face but from inner heart she engaged in many social service motive organization she also donatabhishek_aishwarya_.jpge her eyes because of her works peoples of world consider her wonderful women and about Abhishek bachchan we Nepali are familiar with his works he donate 20 laks to Pasupatinath in Capital.

Aishwary gets a wonderful husband as god. we Nepali wish wonderful life and get engage in social worlds not only in India but also in Nepal.


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  1. hey good job bro keep it up

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