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The decision of Hisila Yami is best May 21, 2007

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After thisilayami.jpghe Maoist jointed the government with new hope to replaced monarchy from Nepal. Than some foreign countries become a nervous about the Maoist says do they works for Nation or only for their Party and US decided not to support the Maoist department but others country says we are in wait and see approach.Now there is great war between Asian Development bank [ADB] and Physical planning and work department which is lead by Maoist Minister Hisila Yami about the management of water in Capital.This conflict become a national and international news.

In My views The decisions of Hisila Yami is favor of Nation This means that I am favor of Maoist but the decision shows that we Nepali have to managed the water not the forigeners. if they manage the water in capital than they may asked other important things to managed and all the national property will moved to others country.About AD bank its a international banks They Provides loans to developing countries with a heavy interest if they don’t wants to provide the loans to Nepal than nothing will be happen to Nepal Government they may ask to others bank for Malamchi projects.

The concept of ADB is that if we not provides the loans than the project works cannot run a head that is not trues. The minds of others international banks toward Nepal is changing after the Maoist joined into the peace process. if Management of valley’s water supply given to the UK water supply company than rate of water will increases and more than 80% profit will move to there own country.

We Nepali have to think about the works of Finance minister of Nepal Ram sharan Mahat for not beings seriously for heavy interest on Loans. if we gets loans than there is no compulsory to give them something. so that the decision of Hisila Yami is best for Nepal.


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