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Bad news for Nepali May 25, 2007

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Today I read the news in kantipur news of 7 am which, make me bad because of that I cannot do anything in this morning.This is not the joking but the reality i am not the politician but the real Nepali who always wants to see real peace in Nepal. The news is that’‘Prachanda claims plot against Maoists ” by Army says that the few group of Nepali army aremain_prachanda.jpg planning to finished the Maoist leaders to make there roles in Nepal.If that is true than we Nepali have to make them aware if like plot against U.S members by Royal supportors than that will be losses to Maoist its is because being a top party the layer words should not talks with Nepali without any proof.

This news shows the new challenge to Nepali for upcoming CA polls and peace process of Nepal. The political leaders should think seriously for this news. Prachanda said that ”Maoist Chairman Prachanda Thursday claimed that there were some forces preparing to launch an attack against his party, however, the Maoist strongman did not reveal who and how those forces were running their preparations.”Do u belives this or not that depends own yours.


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