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Network busy May 27, 2007

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As logospicenepal.pngwe all know that 21 century is the age of communication with this facility meaningless to alive in this world.Advance technology are adopting and there is nothing impossible because of technology.The meaning of communication is simple because of this the world become a family of each others,In Nepal it is slowing developing after the normal peace restore about he 5 company providing the  facilities with worse quality.

The newly established mobile network of spicenepal” mero mobile” have   advance technology but it fails to satisfy the customers wants it focus only in large advertisement market to be reputed company in Nepal but ignore the needs of mobile users.I had already write about the condition mobile networks in Nepal in blogmandu and here about the fight,The mero mobile users have to suffer problems when they try to call the ntcaccess_smart.gif users at any time says[sorry your call cannot be complete due to the disturb on the rout] I am mobile users when i try to call friends who used NTC than i have to face the network busy than i move to land phone. Is that quality being a private company?

the services like meromobile to mero mobile 1 hour talks time free,no std charge, internet,mero wap, misscall notification, MMS,PRBT are important services of spice nepal but duration of validity, small amount transfer are the weak part of mero mobile.The advance services uses only 30% and simple services more than 65%.The problems of network busy, easy amount transfer from cell phone and the 300 recharge validity 3 months than mero mobile  users will be happy to uses the services.

I ma not the favor of NTC but the  servises of spice Nepal is not satisfactory to mobile users.if they do not improve quality their i will say fuck mero mobile and next title will be fuck Mero mobile.


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