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Sexy nepali girl. May 31, 2007

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She is blue films actress of Nepal.She works for prakesh ojha.more will be later.Also she is from dharan.


10 Responses to “Sexy nepali girl.”

  1. zisma Says:

    i wonder where she is now???

  2. Sangita Says:

    I Wish to make a BLUE FILM with NIKHIL.

  3. Yatra Says:

    She is PRETTY CUTE! hahahah
    But Unfortunately SHE did BAD JOB!

  4. nikhil Says:

    I am here to make blue film with sangita, wana see my cock

  5. subodh Says:

    नेपालीको सोच कहिले आएन है। ज्योतिको कहा कि हुन ब्लग लेख्‍न लाइ त थहा छैन रहेछ के तेत्‍तिकै बलेको आगोमा घ्यु थप्दा रहेछन। मलाइ एकरत्ति पनि चित्त बुझेन तपाइको ब्लगमा कि तपाइ भर्खर भर्खर ब्लग लेख्‍न सिक्नु हुदैछ कि कसो।
    सुबोध इटहरि

  6. krihsna basnte Says:

    oh thats bad for that girl.

  7. russel Says:

    sangita is aggressive. like it

  8. Nirdosh_Bibas Says:

    जे गरेको छ, ठिकै गरेको छ । कुनै पनि काममा फस्ट नै राम्रो हो । दोस्रोको काम छैन नि । उसको टुकरा टुकरा फिल्म हेर्दा राजीखुसी जस्तो छ । अरु फोटो र फिल्म चाहिन्छ भने सम्पर्क गरनु;‍ । तर संगिता लाइ सोधेर मात्रै है ।

  9. supriya Says:

    her pussy is hairy i also want to fuck her

  10. Ma nepali Says:

    Please read it,
    I don’t know anything about Jyoti, but being a fan of Prakash, I followed that news for long time. If I were you I would boycott his music or movie or whatever that child abuser making.

    Why are you guys so hard on her. First of all Jyoti is considered as a child. In that matter Prakash committed a crime. Since then I boycott his musics. I use to love his music before. Anyhow, further more even if she did it in her choice, who are you to make a judgment about her. She has a right to please her self. The sad this is I don’t see here anyone saying Prakash did wrong.
    My people, think about her as a
    1. a person not a material
    2. if you were her
    3. if she was your sister or any family member or friend
    i don’t want to go further more. I hope this will be enough for you to recognize a girl as a human being.
    I think we need to change our old concept of looking female as a material. Common we using this site means we are mostly young and educated.

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