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Thank God It’s Friday June 22, 2007

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andreaharmonysummer04party.jpgThe fact, that a sense of relief that surrounds an individual when the weekend is nearing, especially after a tiring and hectic week, is probably unexplainable. It’s that day of the week which almost everyone eagerly longs for. Well, it’s not any special occasion we are talking about; it’s just the regular Friday. To be more precise in popular parlance — it’s Good Friday, in short. It can also be christened Saturday Eve that begins in the evening of the previous day, Friday. The religiously awaited dusk is the blast-off of the festivities that is dubbed TGIF!: The Thank God It’s Friday! weekend launch.While the idea of rejoicing the weekend beginning with the weekly Good Friday may have emerged in the West, it took very less or no time at all for the Nepalis to adopt the culture. Ask anyone about what significance the second last day of the week holds in their lives, the answer you get is pretty much confirmed: it is to exploit the day to the fullest.


“It’s been a decade since I started celebrating Fridays. Before I got employed, it was hanging out with friends on Fridays and that was fun back then. Now that I have a job and some money, I usually go to restaurants. The whole idea of celebrating Friday to me is to laugh away all worries by doing anything that gives me entertainment,” says Bishwash Karki, an employee of the Investment Bank at Pulchowk in Patan.

Currently, it’s a trend among most college-going students to bunk classes during Fridays. They either besiege the cinema halls or hit the highways. It has become a hip inclination on Friday to go for road trips or engage in activities that they prefer as opposed to attending classes on this last working day of the week. Whatever activities they may choose to engage in, the idea is firm: to make the best out of Friday because the days ahead mean sticking to tight schedules again.

As Bishal Manandhar, a Bachelor-level student puts in, “When loaded with cash, I usually go to cinema halls with my friends or go for long bike rides. When I’m broke, hanging around Basantpur is the only option.”

Most cinema halls are house-full during Fridays. Gopi Krishna Hall provides 50 percent discounts on its morning shows. The scheme is exclusively targeted to students who usually don’t have generous allowance.

“Since the influx of students in the morning shows is denser, the management has lately offered 50 percent discounts on Friday morning shows,” says Manju Gurung, an employee at Jai Nepal Movies.

Sometime ago, Babylon Disco, nestled in Sundhara, used to throw parties solely for classroom bunkers on Fridays which usually ran from 6 to 11 o’clock in the morning. This substituted the classes that one was supposed to attend. As compared to the scenario of the last few years, the numbers of “bunker party” have sharply declined. However, the budding youths haven’t had enough of parties.

Not long ago, the Annapurna Arcade at DurbarMarg used to be full of school students. In fact, one could even presuppose that the arcade was actually surviving due to the presence of bunkers in the first place. But later, to curb bunking, the management mobilized the police inside the arcade to discourage students from indulging in such activities. They prohibited entries to students in their school uniforms. To some extent, they did manage to control the student invasion, but it wasn’t completely accomplished at the time.

Likewise, when it’s Friday, restaurants and other business houses also have their hands full. They indeed yield to profit motives like anyone. The happening areas of the city like Thamel and New Road, among other ten-deep junctions, are comparatively more occupied on Fridays than the rest of the week. And, so to say, business activities in the aforementioned areas flourish and make handsome cash profits. Most eateries in Thamel welcome their Friday customers with live bands. This is unlike the rest of the weekdays where finding a seat for yourself gets difficult because of the incessant flow of people coming and going.

sources. Kathmandu post


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