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Spice Girls to Get £10m Each for Tour June 23, 2007

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Spice Girls fans can rejoice, for the all-girl British band will be reuniting for a world tour that could see them add 10 million pounds each to their bank accounts.

An insider revealed that Virgin is so keen to keep Posh, Ginger, Sporty, Scary and Baby happy, that not only are they willing to shelve out a large amount of cash, but also spend money on hiring five private jets to take each of the singers – and their respective entourages – to the countries they tour.

“This deal has taken years to sign off. But finally all of the girls are on board. It’s going to be one of the most phenomenal pop events ever. No expense is being spared to make this an unrivalled spectacular,” the Mirror quoted the source, as saying.

As for the huge amount – that was doubled from the previous offer of 10million pounds each – well it seems that for Virgin, the price was too paltry given the revenue the reunion tour is bound to generate.

And, the price is also what has swayed Mel C aka Sporty Spice.

“The sum on the table is huge – but then it had to be to get the more reluctant members like Mel C to agree. She’s been quite precious about her solo career and has always said she’d never get back with the girls. But with such a huge sum guaranteed, you can hardly blame her for finally caving in,” the source said.

“Now she’s now one of the most enthusiastic – although they’re all buzzing with a mixture of excitement and trepidation,” the source added.

The insider also revealed that the private jets had eased fears that the tour would mean long separations from their kids, especially as Scary and Ginger are new mums, and Baby is soon to have a baby of her own.

“Things have changed a lot since the girls’ heyday. Back then they were all pretty much commitment-free. But now all of them apart from Mel C have kids and with that come nannies and other issues,” the insider said.

“Geri doesn’t want to be apart from daughter Bluebell for the tour – and the only reason Victoria has agreed is so that her sons can see what she used to do.

“That all needed to be taken into account,” the insider added.

The source also revealed that the first concert of the band would be the UK, and that places like Shanghai and Japan were also on the list.

“The UK is the girls’ home so that’s where they’ll start. And the band still has a huge following in Japan so naturally they’ll be playing there. But venues like Shanghai are on the list because they want to reach as many Spice fans around the globe as they can manage.

“They feel they didn’t get to say goodbye properly when they split.”

It will be the first time the band has performed together since May 1998 – when Geri Halliwell quit during a 102-date world tour.

Three years later in February 2001, the remaining four Spice Girls announced that they had also split.

The announcement of the reunion world tour is expected to be made at the former Millennium Dome in a matter of days.


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