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Amrita Gets Sweet Surprise from Boyfriend September 26, 2007

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Last week, actress Amrita Arora got a very sweet surprise from her cricketer boyfriend Usman Afzal. Even as rumour mills churn out reports of their alleged break-off, Amrita and Usman are still very much together. And the proof of it came from the man himself who came down to Mumbai to surprise Amrita.
Usman, a county cricketer in England, reportedly finished his season last week. He also signed a deal with Surrey County. As he had a one-month break before joining Surrey, Usman decided to spend his time usefully.
So, without telling Amrita in advance, he flew down to Mumbai and found that Amrita had gone to a Chinese restaurant for lunch with her parents. Usman went to the restaurant and surprised Amrita.
A stunned Amu’s eyes were dilated and her mouth wide open when she saw Usman. She was not expecting him for a few weeks at least.
Amrita says she was ecstatic at seeing Usman. She adds that it is typical of Usman to give her sweet surprises. Later on, the couple went together to Kareena Kapoor’s birthday party.


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