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My Ex-husband was Like Strict Dad: Carey September 26, 2007

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Pop star Mariah Carey would still be married to her ex-husband Tommy Mottola if he had agreed to a trial separation. Carey said the marriage was too confining and she needed a break, reports contactmusic.com. Mottola was a music executive and he would not allow her to even go to the spa with her friends.
She said: ‘I understand him not wanting me to go out and hang out all night, but going to a spa with friends every now and then, or doing things on my own would have made a world of difference. I’d probably still be with him if I had.
‘Maybe it’s for my own good that I wasn’t allowed to do those things, but that’s not how it felt. I felt like suddenly I had a strict father. I didn’t think I was going to leave forever. Had it been, ‘Go be yourself, you’ve been with me since you were a kid, let’s separate for a while,’ I probably would have.’


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