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Pammie’s Partying Leaves Pals Worried! September 27, 2007

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Pamela Anderson’s party spree has her friends very worried, especially as she’s been guzzling alcohol, even though she has hepatitis C.
A source revealed to the New York Post that pals of the former ‘Baywatch’ babe were worried that she might be seriously harming herself with all the partying and drinking.
“She drinks, she does stuff . . . and she’s got hepatitis C. Her liver is shot but she keeps living this crazy lifestyle. We don’t think she understands how serious this is. She has two kids and may not be around to see them grow up at this rate,” the paper quoted a source, as saying.
And, things got even wilder when Anderson started hanging out with Paris Hilton’s sex-tape partner, Rick Salomon.
“They went wild over the VMA weekend. I just watched them party with my jaw open,” the source said.
Her sons, in the meantime, are being cared mostly by her brother or mother.


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