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Nikita Anand Did Not Want to Join Films September 29, 2007

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Nikita Anand is the latest in the line of beauty queens to enter the film scene from the world of ramp.
On the face of it, former Miss India Nikita, who makes her debut in Hindi films with Manish Tiwari’s Dil Dosti Etc (not counting Life Mein Kabhie Kabhiee which featured her in a small role) releasing across the country today, may seem just another beauty pageant winner entering films by cashing in on the limelight coming her way.
For Nikita, however, the foray in films is a well thought out move that comes after a lot of deliberation.
”For me, after winning the Miss India crown, doing films was not a natural choice. In fact, initially, I did not want to join films as I did not have any preparation or background. I like to be confident of what I am doing before venturing into it, ” Nikita said on the eve of the release of ‘Dil Dosti etc’, which also marks veteran filmmaker Prakash Jha ‘s debut as a producer.

Said Nikita, who features in the film alongside Shreyas Talpade (of Iqbal fame), newcomers Imaad Shah (son of Naseeruddin Shah) and Ishita Sharma and Smriti Mishra, ”you know, I cannot get into films just because others are doing so. In fact, earlier I just did not want to do films. However, a brief stint with theatre whetted my appetite for a career in films. Still, before coming in films, I wanted to do some ground work for a career in tinsel town.”
”There may be a lot of people who have not undergone a formal training in acting and yet made a successful foray in films. But, then, everyone has his or her own way of approaching things. I am basically a person who wants to be well prepared before trying my hand at something. So, I have taken my time entering films, undergoing in the meantime training in Kathak besides doing many workshops in acting,” said Nikita.
Asked whether she felt the pressure of expectations upon her with several beauty pageant winners like Sushmita Sen , Aishwarya Rai , Lara Dutta and Priyanka Chopra establishing a niche for themselves in the tinsel town, Nikita said, ”expectations are always there from every actress who joins films. This trend of beauty pageant winners joining films started in 1994 when Sushmita Sen and Aishwarya Rai joined the industry. They were followed by Lara and Priyanka and all have been successful so obviously there will be more expectations from me too. However, I am prepared for it.”
Talking about ‘Dil Dosti etc’, Nikita said, ”actually, ‘Dil Dosti is the first film that I signed after I decided to enter films. ‘Life Mein Kabhi Kabhie’ was a film I signed much later and has me just in a small role.”
About her role in the film, she said, ”I play a character called Prerna belonging to a very well to do family. She has a lot of dreams and aspirations and wants to make it big in life and become a model. She joins this college and meets Shiv and falls in love with him even though he is the total opposite of her in terms of background. But like her, Shiv is also highly ambitious in his own way.”
Incidentally, the film also features her in a kissing scene with her co-star Shreyas (who plays the role of her boyfriend Shiv). Media reports have it that Shreyas got very nervous during the kissing scene.


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