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Aniston Was Loud, Rowdy and Boy Crazy! September 30, 2007

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Former ‘Friends’ star Jennifer Aniston’s old friends say she was loud, rowdy and boy crazy when she was younger.
Dailysnack.com reports that Aniston was always the leader of the group no matter whom she was with. One of her old boyfriends, Michael Baroni, said: ‘She looked like a Hollywood star even then. She wore her hair shorter, above her shoulders and styled like an old-fashioned movie star. She loved it like that.’
Michael made his move on Aniston when she went to the kitchen to get a drink. He added: ‘I followed her in and then shut the door behind me. I grabbed her by the shoulders, spun her round and kissed her. Luckily, I didn’t get slapped.’

When it was time to go home, Aniston supposedly gave him her phone number in red lipstick on a scrap of paper.


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