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Garner Says No One Hits on Her Nowadays! September 30, 2007

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Hollywood actress Jennifer Garner says no one hits on her now because she is married.
According to contactmusic.com, Garner appeared on a TV talk show and revealed that men showed no interest in her when she tried to get back in shape for her latest movie. Garner trained for a while with the Boston University hockey team shortly after giving birth.
She said: ‘They were doing their strength and fitness stuff, but the problem was they didn’t even care. I mean I showed up and then as I started to shed weight I thought they would flirt with me or something. They just didn’t care. They never said hello and at one point one of them was like ‘Hey, do you know Jessica Alba?”

Garner is married to actor Ben Affleck. The actress added: ‘I am married and you guys all know it and nobody is ever going to flirt with me ever again.’


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