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Sugabebe Keisha Considered Suicide! October 1, 2007

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‘Sugarbabes’ singer Keisha Buchanan once thought of committing suicide.
As to why Buchanan felt this way, well that’s because her early days in the band were blighted by self-doubt and loneliness.
“I thought about ending it all, that’s how bad things were for me. It was a really difficult time and I was so, so depressed,” the Mirror quoted her, as saying.
“I went through a really bad patch when I was around 17. A lot of my friends were just incredibly mean to me and I was really depressed.
The singer revealed that one of the major reasons for her feeling so low was loneliness, as none of her friends turned up for her parties or for her group’s performances.
“I always invited my friends to the shows but they never came and they never invited me out,” she added.
Keisha said that it was her family who helped her coming out of the dilemma. “It was a difficult time. My parents would say I should go out on a Friday night but I didn’t have anyone to go out with. I had everything I wanted but not happiness. I wanted to fall asleep and not wake up,” she said.
But now she has all the reasons to be happy as the band’s new single ‘About you now’ has reached the no 1 spot on the music charts this weekend. Also, she has found a good group of friends.
“I’ve got a great circle of friends now. It’s been hard but I’m through the worst,” she said.


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