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Ash Widening Her Global Horizons October 6, 2007

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The gorgeous Aishwarya Rai Bachchan is widening her global horizons with two more international projects. Ash, who recently signed Sir Ben Kingsley’s film on Taj Mahal, and is currently filming ‘Pink Panther 2’, is reportedly considering two other international films.
“She is considering two other international films for next spring,” BBC quoted Rai’s foreign agent Simone Sheffield, as saying.
“She is special because she can play different ages and ethnicities. Because of this, many producers and directors think of her in a wide range of roles,” she added.
Meanwhile Ash will play Mumtaz Mahal in Sir Ben Kingsley’s planned magnum opus on the Taj Mahal, which will feature him as Shah Jahan.
The as yet untitled film will be produced by Sir Ben and is scheduled to be shot in India in 2008. The director of the film has not yet been chosen and the script has yet to be completed.
The film will also feature Bipasha Basu, who will portray the role of Shah Jahan’s daughter, Jahanara.


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