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Indian celebrity designer Anand Jon. October 6, 2007

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There seems to be no end of troubles for jailed Indian celebrity designer Anand Jon, for he has been indicted on 59 new counts of sexual assault.
The charges range from rape, lewd acts against child, possession of child pornography, oral copulation by force or fear, and sodomy.
There are 20 purported victims between the age group of 14 and 27. If found guilty, the New York based fashion guru faces life in prison, reports TMZ.
On Oct 4, a L.A. County grand jury that heard 23 witnesses over 9 days of testimony, remanded him to custody without bail.
Actress Marla Maples, who was seen at the trial, said that she was there to lend support to Jon’s mother and sister.
This March, the Indian born designer was arrested on a warrant issued in Dallas. He is also being investigated on counts in Texas, New York and Massachusetts. Arraignment on the new charges has been scheduled for Oct 25.


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