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Pete Doherty tried to commit suicide October 8, 2007

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Troubled rock star Pete Doherty tried to commit suicide in rehab after learning that his ex-fiancee Kate Moss was dating a new man.

The Babyshambles front man downed a whole bottle of pills in a desperate bid to suppress the pain, after discovering that Moss was romancing ‘Kills’ singer Jamie Hince.

However, the singer didn’t succeed in his suicide bid, and fell gravely sick after the incident.

“Pete’s been really wound up over Kate showing off her new man. He saw an opportunity to take an overdose and took it. He told me he didn’t know what the pills were but thought ‘f*** it’ and took them all,” News of the World quoted Doherty’s minder, Johnny Jeannevol, as saying.

“He doesn’t care what drugs do to him-in fact, he likes finding out,” he added.

Johnny also revealed that Kate was on the phone regularly while Pete was in rehab.

“To begin with Kate was ringing him up all the time, concerned for his well-being. But when Pete started to quiz her about the new guy, she was evasive and it got to him. She messed with his head,” he said.

“But now he’s out and happy. He’s trying to keep off the drugs and needs his own space,” he added. Doherty made it out of Clouds House clinic in Wiltshire this week, after spending six weeks off the drugs.


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