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Posh Pockets £70K for ‘Ugly Betty’ Cameo October 8, 2007

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Singer Victoria Beckham has reportedly pocketed a whopping 70,000 pounds for making a guest appearance on hit TV show ‘Ugly Betty‘.

The Brit star has done a cameo for the episode titled ‘Nice Day for a Posh Wedding’ that has the show’s baddie Wilhelmina (Vanessa Williams), who is set to marry Bradford Meade (Eric Mabius).

In the episode, Beckham plays Williams’ bridesmaid. Living up to her posh image, the Spice Girl wears a figure hugging Vera Wang dress.

Reports claim that Beckham offered to star in the series, when she met Mabius at a London awards ceremony recently.

Producer Marco Pennette joked that they wanted Posh Spice’s footballer hubby David Beckham to appear on the show.

“We want her husband on set. It’s one of the requirements,” the Daily Mail quoted him, as saying.

“Obviously she’s a fashion expert herself, so she fitted right in at Mode,” he said.

A source said that the singer enjoyed shooting for the episode. “Victoria had a blast filming – and everyone loved having her on,” the source said.


Ace footballer David Beckham has decided to buy a house and an apartment for his dad in California, in order to mend the rift between them.

Beckham has not been on speaking terms with his father Ted for a while now.

However, his dad’s near fatal heart attack has brought him close to Ted, who is recuperating at his son’s LA home.

“Ted’s heart attack made David realise how much his dad means to him,” News of the World quoted a source as saying.

“They’d drifted apart and at one point weren’t even speaking. Before the heart attack they hadn’t seen each other since April. But David’s determined that will all change now,” the source added.

The source also said that the new homes are a ‘peace offering’, and that Beckham wants his dad to be close to his family.

“The new homes are a peace offering. The apartment in Los Angeles is near to David’s family place. So now Ted can see them all regularly, like Victoria’s parents do, and be a proper grandfather to the boys,” the source said.

“Ted doesn’t want to move to the States permanently, but he’s looking forward to seeing more of David.

“Becks is a very caring lad and wants to make his dad’s life as easy as possible after this big scare. David, 32, made the generous gesture after flying 6,000 miles to be at Ted’s East London bedside, ” the source further said.

Another insider revealed that Ted is a ‘proud man’ and he did not want to move from the NHS to a private hospital.

“Ted’s a proud man. He’s very happy with the way he’s been treated by the NHS. They saved his life and he’s grateful. He didn’t want to go private,” the source said, adding that Ted, a divorcee was even recently working to pay his ex-wife’s maintenance.

“The truth is, up to now he’s had to…he still pays 1,000 pounds a month in maintenance for David’s mum Sandra. So there’s constant pressure to pay the bills,” the source added.


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