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Neha Dhupia October 20, 2007

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Neha Dhupia recently collapsed on the sets of Saurabh Shukla’s upcoming film ‘I’m 24’ due to sheer exertion.
“I was overworked. Even before I could realise anything, I collapsed on the sets. Saurabh was quite concerned and gave me a break for three hours to rest. Believe me I was really happy to get a break after a long time,” Neha told a news agency.
The 26-year-old actress, who bagged the Miss India Universe title in 2002 and made her Bollywood debut in Qayamat a year later, admits that beauty contests are a gateway to the film industry but doesn’t guarantee success.
“Yes … beauty contests give aspirants a great platform and loads of media visibility, which helps you in bagging films. However it doesn’t stamp success on your debut. To be successful one has to really work hard on one’s acting skills and personality,” she said.
“For grooming oneself, any type of experience is good. These days newcomers learn acting in acting institutes and it helps them greatly,” Neha said.
While some of her contemporaries are signing projects in Hollywood, Neha frankly says that she hasn’t got any such offers and that she has no immediate plans to test her fate outside Bollywood.
“I haven’t been offered anything from Hollywood as yet. And I don’t want to make noise unnecessarily,” Neha said. “I am waiting for the right offer to come my way. Till that moment I am happy in Bollywood and enjoying my work here.”


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