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Tweed Skirts, Brown Shoes Made Mirren Cry October 20, 2007

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Actress Dame Helen Mirren has revealed that she wept when she realised that she had to wear tweed skirts and brown shoes for her role as Elizabeth II in the film ‘The Queen’.
The Brit actress, who won an Oscar for the role, said that she found it hard not to like the royal, but the costumes really made her cry.
“The Queen is so much a part of my parents’ generation and so much a part of the history and culture of Britain that although they were fervent antimonarchists it was very hard not to like her. But when I came to the costume fittings I literally cried,’ Times Online quoted Dame Helen, as saying at The Times Cheltenham Literature Festival.
Besides, after playing Elizabeth I in the TV series on the monarch, she reveals, she was in a sort of fantasyland since for the series she wore ostentatious stones.
“I’d just done Elizabeth I – that had been a trip into fantasyland. We shot it in Lithuania and they had made all this jewellery, pearls and diamonds and sapphires and they laid it out on a table in my dressing room. I dressed myself up like a Christmas tree,’ she said.
“To go from that to the brown shoes and tweed skirts, Barbour jackets and Hermes scarves, I found it very hard to be someone who chose to wear these clothes. I thought I would never be able to understand this woman,” she added.
However, the actress added that the costume designer as good and the tweed skirt was the best one could make.
“We had a very good costume designer and if it was a tweed skirt it was the best you could get, had a lining inside of beautiful silk and fitted me to the millimetre with a bit of padding that I was wearing. The fit of everything was perfect and then I understood what it felt like to be the Queen,” she said.
“I absolutely grew to love portraying someone unlike me who is not vain on that level in the slightest. She has all the diamonds in the world but she is at her happiest in old wellingtons and an old Barbour,’ she added.


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