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Tons of Sex’ Secret Behind Kelly’s Figure! October 31, 2007

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Strictly Come Dancing star Kelly Brook has revealed the secret behind her striking figure – “having tons of sex”. In an interview for the December issue of ‘Company’ magazine, the model and actress also disclosed that fighting and fantastic lighting keeping the passion in her relationship alive. “Fight a lot. Even if you agree pretend you don’t. It’s about mentally stimulating each other as much as it is about the physical and emotional side,” the Daily Mail quoted Brook, as saying. “Fantastic lighting! When you redecorate, make sure everything’s on dimmers. Either that or candlelight,” she added. However, she confessed that her looks didn’t quite help her to find work. “I have to audition for things. They don’t just hand it to me because I look hot. I wouldn’t keep working if it was just about looks. I’m 27 and there are tons of hotter girls who are 10 years younger than me,” she said. Brook also slammed girls who marry soccer stars for the moneyed lifestyle. “I’m not saying all girls who shack up with footballers do. But I would hate to be a girl thinking, ‘What am I going to do when I leave school?” she said. “I’ve done it all on my own,” she added.


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