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Preity Meets Mr.Big in Shillong November 3, 2007

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If you saw Preity Zinta dimpling more prettily this past weekend, it’s because she got to spend time with her friend Ness Wadia in Shillong and saw the live performance of her favourite American hard rock band Mr. Big.

“Ness has just left. And it was a good holiday for him while I am working my butt off for Jahnu Baruah’s ‘Har Pal’,” Preity told IANS.

Earlier, over the weekend, Preity had one of her long time dreams come true. She attended a concert by one of her favourite rock bands Mr. Big and also got invited on stage by the band’s lead singer Eric Martin.

“Saturday evening I was told Mr. Big were performing in town. I was like…Wow! I grew up listening to their songs like ‘Wide world’ and ‘Just to be with you’. I decided come what may, I have to attend the concert.”

Preity relived some of her favourite 1980s’ songs and danced in the aisles during the show.

But the thrill wasn’t over. Mid-way through the concert, Mr. Big stopped short in their tracks to announce they’ve a very special guest at the concert.

“And to my utter delight and embarrassment Mr. Big announced my name and asked me to come on stage. I could have just died. Man, what a moment! I felt like a schoolgirl out on her first date. It was what one calls a magical moment,” said Preity.

The actress, whose last release “Jhoom Barabar Jhoom” bombed at the box office, is currently trying her hand in offbeat cinema. Preity had a ball and Ness was happy to see his lady enjoy herself.

Back in her hotel in Shillong, Preity had another surprise waiting for her.

“I discovered Mr. Big’s villa is right next to mine. So I had Ness and one of my favourite teen dreams next to me. Who knows what will happen next? With all this excitement I find it very hard to concentrate on my work.”


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