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Sienna Meets Lousy Man in Interview November 3, 2007

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Interview is a decently acted two-hander fringe play that doesn’t deserve to be on film.

Writer-director Steve Buscemi plays an arrogant, underprepared political journalist who feels he’s slumming when he’s sent to interview Katya (Sienna Miller), a coke-sniffing movie starlet who’s known more for her off-screen lovers than anything she’s achieved on screen (no big stretch for Ms Miller, then).

Over the course of an evening, Katya confronts, entices and turns the tables on him. Quite why we should care isn’t apparent.

Buscemi plays a louse, and an unprofessional louse at that. And the only likeable aspect of Katya is that she’s not as dumb as he thinks she is.

Sienna continues to be an enigma: she looks like a film star, and can inhabit a role (even one that’s not so very different from herself, which is harder than it may sound), but she still doesn’t appear to have much depth.

Her eyes aren’t windows into her soul, and there’s a hardness and secretiveness about her that work for this character,


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