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Nadine Coyle’s School Sickies December 12, 2007

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Girls Aloud star Nadine Coyle used to pretend to be ill at school to get out of lessons.

The singer – who makes a cameo in the new ‘St. Trinian’s’ movie with the rest of her bandmates – would feign sickness so she could go and lie down instead of handing in her homework.

Nadine told BANG Showbiz: “I was a naughty girl at school. We didn’t have detention at my school but we did have a thing called sick bay. Sick bay was great because you could pretend to be sick so you could go and lie down there the whole lesson and get out of handing your homework in.

“But I did once have a teacher who came and dragged me out of sick bay and shouted, ‘Where’s your homework?!’ ”

The new film – a remake of the 50s ‘St. Trinian’s…’ film series – also stars Rupert Everett in drag as headmistress Miss. Fritton and camp comedian Russell Brand as teacher Flash Harry.

Speaking at the world premiere of the film in London last night (10.12.07), lothario Russell said: “People keep asking me, ‘Weren’t you tempted by those sexy school girls?’. No, I was not tempted by school girls they’re just children.

“Rupert Everett in drag was like a sexy royal, how I kept my hands off that man is a miracle. I only did because the producers assigned someone directly to stop me bothering him in his trailer.”


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