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I Feel Like I’m Reborn: Diya Mirza December 16, 2007

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Her angelic face and dazzling smile makes most men give in to their chivalrous instincts and want to protect her from the ‘big bad world’, but Dia Mirza is no damsel in distress.

I’m no Alice in Wonderland,” says this fiery Sagittarian, who rides horses, writes poetry, paints, and even knows pottery. In fact, at an age, when people are still chalking out their careers, this pretty actress has her head high among the stars and her feet firmly planted in Bollywood soil.

“I feel I am destiny’s child,” says the once beauty queen. “Things have just fallen into place for me. And I never really had to struggle for anything.” But ‘easy fame’ did have it’s downfall. “After a point, I just took my success for granted. In fact, the flops that followed actually gave me a rude jolt and woke me up to reality,” admits Dia as she talks about the phase when her films failed to garner much response at the BO. But, not the one to give in, Dia took the bitter failures in her stride and today her kitty boasts of projects that would have many turn green with envy. “I feel like I am reborn!” exclaims the actress who’s recent performances have earned her much acclaim.

And while her professional life seems to be going great guns, the lissome lass admits that personally too, she’s on quite a high. So, is there love on her cards? “No. And though I wish there was, I am not missing it either.

Having had to deal with her share of link-ups, Dia reveals that there was a time when rumours of link-ups would give her sleepless nights. “I almost felt like a prostitute in the initial years, because I was being linked to every co-star and filmmaker. I would cry often. It would hurt that much. But then I realised, that it’s happening to everyone. And I can’t let such rumours affect me.”

A romantic at heart, she reveals that she’s waiting to be swept off her feet. “I’ve always been open about my relationship. And when love will happen, I won’t hide it. But as of now I’m single,” she says setting the record straight about her on-off status with actor Kunal Kapoor. But isn’t she disillusioned with love after being hurt in the past?

I’ve been hurt in love, more so because my sensitivity is my weakness. People walk all over me, but then, it’s also been my strength. Every time, I’ve been hurt, I’ve emerged stronger. After all, what doesn’t kill you only makes you stronger, right?”


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