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Tylor Thrilled With ‘Naked’ War Stories December 23, 2007

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Jud Tylor had some serious jitters to overcome when she was cast as the magazine cover model who joins a loose-living congressman, played by Tom Hanks, and some friends in a hot tub in the new political comedy, Charlie Wilson’s War.

“I was so nervous working with Tom Hanks, I was trying to picture him in drag on Bosom Buddies to calm myself down,” says Vancouver-raised Tylor over the phone from her home base in Los Angeles. “I was just trying to appear cool and collected.”

Tylor’s scenes, set in the hot tub and in a limousine, took about seven days to film, mostly on a Paramount Studios sound stage. First came a table reading of the scenes with Hanks, director Mike Nichols and writer Aaron Sorkin.

“We took a peek: They were building the hot tub next to us on the sound stage,” she says. “The next time I saw Tom Hanks was in the hot tub. On the very first scene … he needed to appear naked. I was sitting right beside him, and he’s wearing a nude sock. I’m doing my best not to look down, looking right at his face. Then he gets out of the tub — try not to look to the left. I didn’t really have a lot of places to look.”

Tylor was wearing a flesh-coloured bathing suit herself. And the water in the hot tub was kept at about room temperature, so the actors tended to stay in between shots. By week’s end, Tylor says, she got used to Hanks in his sock.

Tylor, who earlier co-starred in the last season of That ’70s Show, says Charlie Wilson’s War is a career highlight.

“If I have grandkids, I’ll definitely tell them the Charlie Wilson’s War stories,” she says.


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