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Angelina Jolie Writes Letter to Father January 1, 2008

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Angelina Jolie reportedly wrote a letter to her estranged father recently as she wants to mend their relationship. Jolie and Jon Voight stopped speaking in 2002 after he publicly said his daughter has “serious mental problems.”

Jolie was said to have refused his attempts at reconciliation, but sources say the actress has admitted to trying to talk to her father.

“We have [communicated] through letters already and we’ll see how far we can go,” Jolie recently said.

During a recent interview, Voight said he couldn’t talk about his relationship with Jolie but said he sent his love to her, and her children with partner Brad Pitt.

“No, I can’t talk about it really. But I send my love to my daughter and son, the family always, I wish them the best,” he said. “I’m very impressed with Angelina’s work, with some of the humanitarian things. And she’s a great actress. I’m always thinking of Brad and the kids. I’m sending my love that way.”


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