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Nicole Kidman Takes No Baby Risks February 6, 2008

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After multiple miscarriages, Nicole Kidman is not taking any risk to ensure her baby is healthy. The Academy Award-winning actress is reportedly going all-natural in her pregnancy for her baby’s sake.

Sources say the 40-year-old actress has temporarily stopped her regular Botox injections as she takes extra precautions in her pregnancy. Also, she’s going back to red, her natural hair color, as she worries dye chemicals will harm her baby.

“[Kidman used to] worry about how she looked all the time. Now she’s unwilling to take a risk with procedures that could harm the baby,” a source says. “She looks more beautiful than ever.”

Her husband, country singer Keith Urban, also thinks the statuesque actress is rocking the pregnancy glow as “he can’t stop telling Nicole how beautiful she is and how much he loves her.”

Kidman had previously confessed about her failed pregnancies while married to Tom Cruise. They have two adopted children together, Isabelle and Connor. This will be the actress and Urban’s first child.


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