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Has Britney ’Secretly Married’ Adnan? February 15, 2008

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Britney Spears has allegedly married her snapper beau Adnan Ghalib in a hush-hush ceremony, says American reports.

Star magazine has claimed that the 26-year-old singer married paparazzo Ghalib during their trip to Mexico on 9th Jan.

“While in Mexico , they went through a quickie marriage ceremony, The Daily Telegraph quoted a source, as telling the publication.

The source also revealed: “When Britney recently accused her mother of ’sleeping with my husband’, it wasn’t Kevin she was talking about – it was Adnan!”

The duo reportedly tied the knot just days after Britney was first taken to hospital, following a stand-off with police at her home.

However, the marriage is illegal because Ghalib is already married. When the Toxic star realised that, she initially dumped Adnan in fury. But later she gave him 273,000 dollars to accelerate his divorce so they could wed for real, according to Star.

“He is promising her that they’d get married again once his divorce is final,” said the source.

The alleged marriage happened when the couple managed to dodge the media caravan that follows their every move and drove to Rosarito Beach Hotel in Mexico .


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