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Sixties Sex Siren Raquel Returns To TV February 15, 2008

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Sixties sex siren Raquel Welch is looking as stunning as ever as she returns to primetime TV after a four year absence.

Over 40 years since her first starring role in classic movie One Million Years B.C., the 67-year-old actress is spoofing herself in new U.S. sitcom Welcome to the Captain.

In the show, Raquel plays 52-year-old ‘ageing actress’ Charlene Van Ark, who is claiming to be 42 as she attempts to make a comeback.

Welcome to the Captain, which centres on the residents on famed Hollywood apartment block El Capitan, is Raquel’s first regular TV role after years of guest appearances.

She was last seen on the small screen in an episode of popular American comedy 8 Simple Rules in 2004.

Playing up to her sex symbol persona, Raquel’s man-eating character Charlene insists on personally welcoming every new male arrival to the building behind closed doors.

Despite her character’s penchant for younger men, Raquel insists she is looking for love with a man of her own age.

Raquel split from her fourth husband, restaurateur Richard Palmer, in 2003. He was 15 years younger than the actress.

She said: “I’ve been married four times and I still haven’t worked out what it is that I want. I feel a terrible failure.

“I don’t go for much younger men anymore. I don’t think it’s a good idea for me.”

Last year, there were reports Raquel had been approached to play Eva Longoria’s aunt in Desperate Housewives.

She admitted recently: “There was talk, but nothing ever materialised.

“I’ve often thought I might like to play a relative of Eva Longoria, but it’s fine.

“I’m just thrilled that I’m working in this medium. We’re all in this thing together, and I’m really enjoying it.”

Amongst Raquel’s co-stars is American Pie actor Chris Klein, who broke off his engagement to Katie Holmes just weeks before she started dating her now-husband Tom Cruise


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