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All Kareena Talk Annoys Saif! February 20, 2008

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Kareena is certainly going to work in Saif Ali Khan’s productions. But Saif will have nothing to do with it.

Says the exhausted rocker-actor currently shooting for his only film on the floors. “It’s entirely between Kareena and my business partner Dinesh Vijen.

There has been a verbal commitment between them for a couple of projects. Kareena and I don’t discuss business. It’s entirely the prerogative of the directors that we sign to cast whom they want.

Yes, I’d want me and Kareena to be in all our productions. But I’m not going to thrust our pair down producers’ throats. Of course I’d like Kareena to be in every film I make. But my directors may have other plans.”

That famous arm with the by-now mythic tattoo has been injured.

Saif’s hand was bandaged while he played his rock gig in Bangalore and Mumbai. “Yeah, I injured my right hand while shooting in Greece.

I put a glass down too hard after a drink. And it broke in my hand. It’s no big deal. The only thing is, I can’t shake hands. Fortunately it didn’t affect my guitar-playing.”

Saif admits he’s annoyed by people constantly asking him about the ‘Kareena’ tattoo. “On the other hand you can’t really blame them. I suppose it’s a big deal.

So people will talk and then stop talking about it after a while. You gotta remove yourself from the place of discomfort and look at it more dispassionately.”

Saif was aware that the media would focus on the tattoo rather than his music. “Fortunately the audience appreciated the music. Look, the limelight is a moving spotlight. Once in a while you get caught in it.”

Couldn’t he have got the tattoo done in a less visible place? After all it’s between Saif and his love.

“No. It’s between me and my arm,” he shoots back.

After the successful rock concerts would Saif like to cut an album? “No, can’t sing beyond the lower notes. Right now I’m in Alibaug to finish the last schedule of Kunal Kohli’s untitled film. Then we’re done with this film.”


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