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Alba Reveals School ‘Slut’ Insults March 2, 2008

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Jessica Alba has claimed that she was called a “slut” by her school principal and PTA mums during her childhood.

The actress discussed the slur in a new essay collection by famous women writing to their younger selves, claims the New York Post.

In the book, called If I’d Known Then, Alba writes: “The accusation still ricochets..They think I’m a slut?”

Alba also revealed that her first kiss came at the age of seven and that she did it to try to get herself picked for the local baseball team.

She adds: “Boys are awful. They are made of nothing but hormones until they’re about 20 or 21. It’s fun to have a crush, but don’t think it’s forever.”

Other stars who have contributed to the book include Julia Foudy, activist Zainab Salbi and actress Danica McKellar.


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