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Keira Reveals Her Bizarre Influences March 3, 2008

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She might be a big fashion icon for millions, but when it comes to Keira Knightleys own style influences, the actress admits that some of them are totally bizarre.

The 22-year-old stems her inspiration from the reigning queens of the worst dressed lists, actress Helena Bonham Carter and batty Icelandic singer Bjork.

I don’t think I’m confident enough yet to be used to being in the limelight because of my style, The Daily Express quoted her, as saying.

But I loved the swan dress Bjork wore to the 2001 Oscars [below]. Id love to have the courage to do the same, she added.

And of Bonham Carter, who was once described as resembling a dusty Victorian orphan rescued from a chimney, she adds: Helena wears whatever she wants and looks amazing.

But Keira might want to think twice before following in their footsteps as she admits: Ive become phobic of the red carpet because all I can think is Im going to be in the worst dressed list tomorrow.


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