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‘Actress Kangana Ranaut Slapped Me’ March 22, 2008

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Bollywood actor Kangana Ranaut is in trouble. Her driver Thursday accused her of physical assault and registered a case against the star of Woh Lamhe and Gangster – a love story.

Her driver, Rajesh Shah, has alleged that Ranaut slapped him after he bumped her car into another vehicle on Thursday morning, when he was driving the actor to the sets of her latest film.

The incident reportedly enraged Ranaut.

Kangana later summoned the driver to her make-up van where she allegedly slapped him.

The case has been filed at the Versova police station in north-western Mumbai.

“The driver has registered a case against Kangana, her sister Rangoli Ranaut and her make-up man,” Deputy commissioner of Police Vinay Choube told.

Choube said the driver alleged that Kangana’s sister and her make-up man were also present in the make-up van and they also assaulted him.


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