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Katrina Kaif Disappoints In ‘Race’ March 22, 2008

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Did Katrina Kaif’s dream run in 2007 (Namasty London, Partner, Apne and Welcome) have more to do with selecting good roles than her histrionic abilities? Going by her performance in Race, it would seem so.

Each of her films last year had one or more male stars with the ability to carry even a film with a bad script on his shoulders, which is not to suggest that any of them had a bad script. Equally important, her roles in those films allowed Katrina to stay within her limitations, and she has her fair share of those.

In Race Katrina plays a ruthless scheming seductress and she looked out of whack doing so. To make matters worse, Bipasha plays a similar role in the film and, as you would guess, excels at it.

Challenged for the first time, Katrina’s limitations have come to the fore. The actress who commands a paycheck of Rs 3 Crore per film looked less convincing in Race than second string actresses like Bipasha Basu and Sameera Reddy.

Katrina’s strength is her endearing screen presence. Her NRI girl next door look that blends modernity with Indian values. In Race Katrina allowed the directors to focus on her sex appeal instead.

While she has the figure to match Bipasha’s she doesn’t have the sultry looks and it is no surprise she comes a cropper.

Katrina recently told the press, “I am pretty clear about what I want to do. I don’t want to go down the road doing serious cinema. I am happy doing commercial films. The fun films give the audience time to escape the monotony in everyday life.”

Do watch where you are going girl!


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