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I’m Not Getting Married: Katrina Kaif April 14, 2008

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It’s that time of the year again – the time when gossipmongers rear their heads to announce that Katrina Kaif is getting married to Salman Khan.

The most interesting fact is that rumour mills even decide dates and mahurats for the multiple (and, apparently, annual) Sallu-Kat weddings they’ve organised in the recent past.

This time, the grapevine says that the wedding is going to happen ‘very soon’ and ‘only close friends and relatives will be a part of it’.

Well, Kat remains unperturbed. When we asked her about the rumours, she replied, “These rumours are completely false and ridiculous. I am not getting married. These are silly people playing games by spreading these rumours. I’d also like to add that I’m booked every day of this year already for my films.”

So she’s precluded the possibility of getting married any time again this year. Then why is it that people don’t stop talking about Salman and her and why don’t the two of them take a stand on this? “It is because people know that both Salman and I do not comment on our private lives ever,” she answers.

Occasions where similar rumours have been spread before:

The first time these rumours surfaced was when Salman came to Kat’s rescue by lodging a formal complaint with the police against Mumbai’s 25-year-old Vasant Giri for sending vulgar text messages to Katrina.

It was said that since Salman had openly supported Kat, the next thing surely would be marriage.

Rumour no 2 – Gossipmongers said that Katrina and Salman secretly married before an award ceremony in Singapore. This was done, purportedly, to teach a lesson to Abhiash who were going to tie the knot soon after. Katrina had dismissed the rumour, saying that it was “utter rubbish”.

The third rumour was that Katrina and Salman had secretly married in the presence of a maulvi in Mumbai. When we contacted Kat on the same day, she said, “I’m in South Africa shooting with Saif Ali Khan.”

And more recently, Katrina walked out of a press meet in Delhi’s Kamala Nehru College because somebody asked her if Salman actually slapped her at a café in Mumbai.


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