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Arrest Parkesh Ojha May 26, 2007

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I promised to make u all about the sinful works of Prakash Ojha, and The views of Jyoti Khadka, beforejoti-2.jpg This unpopular works Jyoti used to do modeling, She is famous model of Dharan and also the members of local band Madani. That band Parkash Ojha founder of that band from that band Ojha become the national singer and just started the Telifilms in Kantipur Television for that, we have to stay in Kathmandu for film few days our journey become very enjoyable but later one used to proposed others and love and hate become a two component.

I like Parkash Ojha talents not only me but all the peoples of Dharan love him very much I, believe him more than others in our band he used to say me lovely sister but one day when i was bathing on bathroom parkash snap my more than 7 photos If i don’t belived than that is my photo if believe than i don’t no when he snap and used to says If u don’t do what I wants than I will public this photo in press and make u like Shrisha karki than I do what he wants because I have to alive for my family, I fulfilled all the demand of his.

When parkash arrested than, Her wife come with me for excuse to parkash I said never but late when parkesh come with me than i give him excused parkash friends want to marry with me but don’t agreed with him because of that my photo, video are now in market.

In my views the Jyoti reports is just to give lollipop to median.This is unbelievable. Some time she said that I like parkesh sometime dislike,When Parkesh oja wife ask excuse than she don’t gave but when oja asked than she give, Is that the true this is questionable to all ? She told that she is not interested to play but force to play if she know about that than she have to inform police about that matters because polices check this types of matters. She is not small girls who cannot recognize the good or bad for her and society just, by saying i am force to play no one can believe about that.In that reports she is showing that she have a good characters than not others.If she do not make clear about that matter then she will be the partners of Parkesh company.

[Hay friends there may be a mistake in words because this is my first English blog please make correct la]


7 Responses to “Arrest Parkesh Ojha”

  1. ujjwal Says:

    good collection

  2. samyek Says:

    who the f**k is this guy prkash oja?????
    and what the hell are all the women who were protesting outside birendra convention hall during miss nepal????????
    the country has gone to the dogs, or maybe its an insult to the dogs.

  3. gamer247 Says:

    can we have more pics?

  4. lokeen Says:


  5. B Raj Says:

    I think Prakash Ojha’s carrier would have finished if he was in Europe (i.e. for taking unsolicited nude pictures/sex clips), but in Nepal anything is possible.
    I also think that this girl Jyoti Khadka is also not entirely innocent because she also tried to fulfil her own vested interests by allowing Ojha to take nude pictures and also having sexual relations; she failed to realise the long term consequences.
    Moreover, the whole modelling business in Nepal as grossly flowed, as it increasingly includes girls without characters; or buys vulnerable girls to pose in semi/full nudity. This should be banned!

  6. Santy Says:

    Hey prakash ojha what the hell u think yourself?You pronographer,don’t u have any same on U.What a bullshit work have u done.If u had such type of interest why didn’t u fucked 1000 time to ur wife instead of making others life dark.
    How much money u need u fucker tell me i will give u the money u want.U need to be dog why the god make u a man.
    Why dont u go to european country have fuck,suck and enjoy with european girls having a nice pusy and pomogranete like boobs instead of living there and making dark future of nepalese.
    U r fucker.Fuck urself in ur ass.U r the bullshit.Look to the sky and spit once.

  7. surya Says:

    hey mister oja what fuch hell r u n why have u make others life darker if some one hve done with ur sister then

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